Optimizing Solution for Forging Die

There are many industrial designs and many different types of molds to make the product. One of the molds used to make the product is the forging die with the advantages of ensuring good mechanical properties. Characteristics of products that require high mechanical strength. However, to produce forging die also requires a lot of design experience to optimize the stamping process, maximizing the material embossing, reducing the number of attempts and correcting the mold. The following software solutions meet the above requirements to reduce costs and time to market products.

Design product models and model models:
Siemens NX incorporates a block model design tool, an advanced surface model that allows users to easily design product models and model models, synchronous modeling tools to easily change designs. , reuse data from various software sources. In addition, NX also supports check mate tools (design for manufacturing) to check for errors related to mold assembly issues, processing technology problems according to the established standards of the industry.

Tool freeform surface, checkmate, synchronous modeling
Simulation of hot stamping process:
Hot stamping molds often operate in very harsh conditions, structural and mold calculation calculations also require experience, in addition to choosing the optimal stamping design principles is also an important issue. There are problems on designers who can use simulation software solutions such as Qform or Simufact, these software solutions allow simulation of plastic deformation of materials, temperature distribution field on stamping workpieces and molds over time, transforming the microstructure of stamping parts after stamping, thereby optimizing the stamping form, the number of workpieces and the shape of the mold for optimal optimization.

Mold machining on CNC machining centers
Siemens NX integrates a design and machining solution, engineers can program the machining of molds and electrodes right on the NX after the design is complete, which minimizes design time and errors, automatically updates design program with design changes, NX allows full programming capability from 2.5-axis, 3-axis, multi-axis, turning, wire-cutting, milling-milling, and machining simulation with tissue CNC machine image, create a template processing library, a tool library, an optimal processing mode library, allowing to shorten machining time.

Automatically export 2D technical drawings: Automatically create 2D drawings of the entire mold assembly system, mold components …

-Training and transfer of basic and advanced technologies
-Simulation of product quality evaluation
-Design of mold system
-Programming mold and electrode machining

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