Optimize Solution For Stamping Die

Stamping presses are used to manufacture products in many industrial fields, especially in the field of automotive, motorbike, products are often large size, high complexity, almost of mold maker need to test on several time after design and manufacture. The CAD / CAM / CAE solution is not as feasible in the design and manufacture of this mold. Below is the best solution for the design and manufacture of stamping molds including from the initial design stage to the mold design, Products and molding with CNC machining centers
Fig 1: Total solution for stamping die
Stamping part design: Siemens NX offers advanced surface preparation and design tools that allow users to design new stamping models, or inspect and check the surface quality of the stamping product prior to design, Mold making
Fig 2: design, modify and check surface quality tool
Die structure design
Siemens NX Die design provides a complete set of wizard tools to create the most complete Stamping die structure, including punch, die, bending, Additional support systems, guide pins, slides.

Fig 3: Design Die structure
Simulation and optimization stamping die
Today, there are a lot of software solutions for the purpose of simulating the process of stamping. One of the well-known software that is widely applied is Hyperworks Hyperform, with powerful features such as flexible sheet meshing, accurate flat spreading analysis, analytical evaluation of the thickness distribution of the product after the stamping, elasticity level, the level of spring, the surface of the stamping details, in addition Hyperform also Combined with HyperWorks’ Optistruct and Radioss solver, designers can optimize die stamping patterns from die stamping or analyze die life estimates.

Fig 4: the process to simulation and optimize
Integrate CAM for Mold compornent and electrode: Siemens NX integrates design and machining solutions, engineers can make a CAM program the molds and electrodes directly on the NX after the design, minimizing design time and errors, automatically updating them, In case of design changes, the NX allows full programmable machining capability from 2.5-axis, 3-axis, multi-axis, turning, milling, machining and mill-turn machining. Simulation with CNC machine model, creating template machining library, tooling library, optimum machining library, enabling shortening machining time.

Fig 5: CAM programing
  • Basic and advance training
  • Simulation evaluation of Stamping die
  • Die structure design
  • CNC programing by CAM for Die and electrode
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