Installation Guide for Upgrade Siemens NX1899


Installation Guide for Upgrade Siemens NX1899

It is applied for the customers who already upgraded to NX1847, NX1872 serial.  For customers who are using NX12.0.2 or older versions with active ME&S, feel free to contact Vietbay for support.

Please refer to the documentation in the link below for more details of the version NX1899:

There are six steps to upgade to NX1899 (Note: customers need to connect with internet)

Step 1: Start NX with current verion,
Choose  file/utilities/Customer defaults

Step 2: Choose General\Software Update

Check box on Notify and Download, and choose where to save download update file, Click OK to complete

Step 3: Restart NX software

Step 4: Click Automatic update (if it is red color: red color means the software have new version and haven’t upgraded)


Step 5: Login customer’s account (if you don’t have an account or forgot your account, contact Vietbay for support)

Icon will change color to “Blue” and display % downloading, wait until downloading update file complete.

Step 6: When Icon change to yellow color.

Click to Icon and choose yes
And wait for software install


For further information, please contact:
Vietbay CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Team 
Sales: 091 929 5521 * [email protected]
Tech: 091 929 5527 * [email protected]
Website: * *

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