Digitalizing for Processes of Designing and Making Mold


Technology for mold design and manufacturing has been applied many years ago. In digital era with Industry 4.0, the processes of mold design and manufacturing are much improved with generation of CAD/CAM software (CAD: Computer-Aided Design, CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing) which enabled designing faster, design complicated products but high precision. Today, with the trend of global digitalization, mold makers must upgrade and transform their business by applying new industrial software to increase quality and productivity, save time and costs. The current CAD/CAM applications help to build automatic processes of some stages of the whole manufacturing but not digitalizing all processes of mold design and making. There are some stages can be improved then bring more efficiency for the mold makers such the processes of approval of designs, mold modeling, transferring data from the programming part (CAM) to the CNC machines, monitoring and reporting machining results, virtual commissioning etc.

Vietbay would like to introduce the Solution of Digitalizing for Processes of Designing and Making Mold using new technology of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM which shown in the diagram belows. This solution can apply well for different molds in the mold industry such as plastic mold etc..

This Solution will digitalize each stage of the mold designing and making process that including:
– Digitalization of the mold design modelling by design software (CAD)
– Digitalization of working process of the mold by using simulation software to (CAE) to optimize mold design
– Automatically programing by using CAM software (CAM) for CNC machines
– Digitalizing the machining process through digital models of CNC machines which enable to simulate, evaluate and optimize the CNC machining process
– Connecting to CNC machining centers to collect data and monitor real-time machining (in terms of performance, progress, errors etc)
– Digitalizing the mold quality testing and evaluation system after machining by using software technology to build modeling and programming CMM machines.

Specially all data of the above digital systems will be managed and integrated in one single PLM platform (=Product Life Cycle Management) and these systems are synchronized with all relevant departments of the company. PLM Solution also helps enterprises digitalize and standardize processes, production, service management, supplier management etc.

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