Digital Twin for Industrial and Automation Machines


Solutions for designing, modeling and digitalizing industrial machines, automation machines to meet diversified and higher demand.

The digital trend changes global manufacturing. Smart manufacturing, design thinking and visualization… are the new concepts that most manufacturers interested. They are looking for digital solutions which can help them improve quality of the product, optimize costs and increase productivity. For designing and producing industrial machinery and automation industries, the challenges caused by requirements of faster production, higher flexible features, energy efficiency, intelligent integration and compatibility with other systems, and the demand for IIoT connectivity, remote monitoring or managing etc.
To address the above requirements, the manufacturers are interested in applying new technology for smart production. Digital Twin is the efficient technology solutions that machinery manufacturers are looking for. This solution integrated VR and AR and 3D printing which help to build digital copy of machines.  By using Digital Twin technology the solution allows to design, modeling, simulate all parts of the machines such as mechanical and electronic parts, electrical parts, automation, sensors, controller… before producing.

Digital Twin for Industrial and Automation Machines 1
Picture 1: Digital Twin solution for Industrial Machinery and Automation Machines

In addition, the solution enables connecting to a virtual PLC controller or a real PLC to operate the machine’s virtual environment. Engineers can emulate the control screen or switches of the machine then perform control via PLC programs such as with the physical machine.

With synchronous integration on the single platform, it allows design teams of mechanical, electrical and automation to collaborate at the same time to deliver the most optimal product in a shorter time.

The solutions also integrate other software such ash product data management to manage documents, processes, BOM, change management, requirement management, supply chain management etc. on a single unified environment with collaboration to minimize errors, increase reuse, and enhance work on digital platforms.

Digital Twin for Industrial and Automation Machines 2
Picture 2: Processes and documentation are standardized and digitized
Furthermore, industrial mand automation machinery manufacturers expand tools to optimize design such as generative design, structural dynamics simulation, and additive manufacturing, combining simulation and virtual reality to review machine performance with a more intuitive sense.

The most highlighted function of the solution is the synchronous integration on a single platform that manage data transmission, reduce errors, enhances reuse and teamwork, easily manage changes and requirements.

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