Automatic Programing with NX CAM Feature Base Machining
Automatic Programing with NX CAM Feature Base Machining
In this article the author refers to the ability to programmatically automate machining with NX Feature Base Machining (FBM), which allows the programmer engineers to be able to perform a fast machining program and minimize repetitive tasks.
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Siemens Digital Industries Software has just released the latest version of NX software - NX1899.
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We are proud to introduce the latest release of NX, which brings significant new and enhanced functionality in all areas of the product to help you work more productively in a collaborative managed environment. This release builds on the continuous release process that is designed to make it easier for you to stay current with the latest releases of NX, giving you faster access to the latest functionality, and performance and quality improvements, to ensure that you gain the most from your investments.
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