Where is the culprit


After a series of serious errors, iOS platform 9 continues to suffer from the condition complain about “energy drain” faster after upgrading. But according to recent statements by a number of users, Facebook is the culprit causing the drop battery faster iPhone on iOS platform 9, even if the app does not work underground.

Đâu là thủ phạm “hút pin” trên hệ điều hành iOS 9?

In addition, the site Mashable also made some tests on iPhones running the latest version 6 is iOS 9.0.2. Facebook became the app makes the most battery power devices, 46% in 24 hours, and accounted for 38% in 7 days.

Clearly, the issue here is the Facebook application is not fully compatible with iOS platform status 9. So quick battery wastage occurs is hardly inevitable.

Even recently, Facebook has made the move of releasing a patch update in the near future, after getting numerous reports about the status of the user’s battery power. This information was shared with the Facebook page of ngheTechCrunch.