Covid19 Promotion for Siemens NX and Solid Edge Maintainance Renewal

Last day to order: 15/9/2020

NX and Solid Edge Maintenance Renewal:                                   
1. Maintenance expiring more than 12months
     =>  Free 100% reinstatement fees
     =>  Discount maintenance renewal fee up to 50%
2. Maintenance expiring up to 12months
     =>  Free 100% reinstatement fees
     =>  Discount maintenance renewal fee up to 25%
3. Maintenance on Time: Discount 1% more on the total order value.
Benefits for Valid Maintenance Customers:
1. Free to change of composit ID or or charge small fee when reactivating licenses, changing Install number or transfering licenses.
2. Receive New releases and enhancements and Updates, Software Patches, and rights of using pervious product versions.
3. Licenses are managed on the manufacturer website and have full access for managing.
4. Flexible to move or transfer licenses, and Synchronous and centralized management.
5. Free Software&Document download (if any).
6. Build yearly budget for software technology (around 20% license value).
7. Fast - Full - Free technical supports from Vietbay.

For more information, please contact us:

Hotline: 091 929 5520/091 929 5525 * Email: [email protected]
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